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Fertilizer Formulation Analysis - 
How Much of Which Nutrients are You Applying?

  There are a wide number of fertilizer sources and formulations available on today's market. Each formulation supplies a unique mix of macro and micro nutrients to the crop. In addition, each has a unique cost in terms of the critical and non-critical nutrients supplied.

   This worksheet is designed to:

  • Calculate the quantity of nutrients supplied per acre,
  • Calculate the cost of the nutrients supplied per pound and per acre, and
  • Generally assist in formulating the lowest cost source of fertilizer nutrients.

   Keep in mind that the:

  • The price of fertilizer is on an applied, per acre basis (per ton),
  • Pounds of fertilizer should be on an applied basis (what you actually put on), and
  • The fertilizer formulation should be the numbers from the analysis printed on the bag or provided by the custom supplier (N-P-K-S)

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