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Cooperatives and Clubs

  • Cooperation in Cattle Marketing
    DeeVon Bailey Utah State University, 1996

    One strategy producers can use for possibly adding value to cattle is to cooperate with other market participants.
  • Establishing and Operating a Community Farmer's Market
    Forrest Stegelin, University of Kentucky, September 1992

    Farmers' markets are a viable, direct marketing activity that provide ample variety, fresh quality, and resonably priced farm-raised commodities to consumers of all ethnic and economic backgrounds.
  • Group Marketing of Hogs: Organization, Successes and Guidelines
    Richard Tynon, James Mintert, Mike Tokach, Ted Schroeder and Michael Langemeier, Kansas State University Research & Extension, January 1994

    Pork producers are trying new marketing strategies to increase the price received per hundred- weight and to lower their marketing costs.
  • Marketing Clubs: An Educational Tool
    Clement E. Ward, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

    Marketing clubs teach producers to develop a marketing plan and exercise the discipline needed to execute the plan.
  • Organizing A Marketing Club
    Jackie Smith, Mark Waller, Carl Anderson and William Tierney, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, May 1998

    A marketing club is a group of people who usually meet once or twice a month with the common goal of increasing their knowledge of marketing and other risk management concepts.
  • Organizing A Marketing Club (Curriculum Guide)
    Texas Agricultural Extension Service, April 1998

    Goals and Objectives: (1) understand the educational objectives of marketing clubs (2) learn how to determine interest and get a club started (3) gain useful ideas to insure that the club is successful in creating a good learning environment for the members .


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