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  • Farmers' Liability for Their Animals
    Stephen F. Matthews and Michael Mowrer, University of Missouri-Columbia Extension, October 1993
    This publication discusses some of the situations where liability may be imposed on the farmer for acts of his or her animals.
  • From Risk to Resilience in Agriculture: The Legal Resource
    Chris Bastian and Alan Schroeder, University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service,
    December 1999
    This article looks at key management traits or practices that would characterize an agricultural operation as risky or resilient from a legal and estate planning point of view.
  • Sharemilking in the Midwest
    Larry F. Tranel, University of Wisconsin-Extension, April 1997
    Sharemilking arrangements can provide management expertise, economic incentives and a systematic method of asset acquistion for new entrants into the industry.
  • Stockman's Liability Under the Missouri Nuisance Law
    Stephen F. Matthews and Coy G. McNabb, University of Missouri-Columbia Extension, October 1993
    There is no one thing a stock owner can do and gain absolute protection under the nuisance law. Thus you must attempt to prevent such lawsuits from arising.


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