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Contracts & Leasing:
Land & Buildings

  • Contracting for Agricultural Construction
    Patrick Walsh and David W. Kammel, University of Wisconsin-Extension, 1990

    A written contract for construction services should be a standard operating procedure for every farm.
  • Farm Leases
    Phillip L. Kunkel and Brian F. Kidwell, University of Minnesota Extension Service, 1998
    Leases play an important role in typical farming operations. Many farm operators do not own the land they farm or they own only a portion of it.
  • Figuring Rent for Exsisting Farm Building
    Don Pershing and J. H. Atkinson, Cooperative Extension Service Purdue University, June 1989

    The question of how to determine the rental value of a farm building may come from the owner of a building or from the person desiring to rent the building.
  • Managing Risk in and Through Agricultural Land Leases
    Alan Schroeder, University of Wyoming
    The 1992 Census of Agriculture reported that part-owners-operators with a mixture of owned and leased property--controlled more than 55 percent of all agricultural lands in the United States.
        Farmer-Stockman, Dec. 1998
  • Negotiating Oil and Gas Leases on Indiana Farmlands
    Gerald A. Harrison, Cooperative Extension Service Purdue University, October 1997
    Landowners in several Indiana counties continue to have an opportunity to lease or convey the rights to oil and gas exploration and production.
  • Pasture Lease
    Kansas State University Research & Extension, April 1997
    This form can provide the landlord and tenant with a guide for developing an agreement to fit their individual situation.
  • Pasture Rental Arrangements for Your Farm
    Larry N. Langemeier, Kansas State University Research & Extension, April 1997
    The purpose of this publication is to help tenants and landlords make sound decisions and develop fair pasture rental arrangements.


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