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Business Management,
Structure & Insurance

  • A Matter of Choice: Durable Power of Attorney
    Glennis M. Couchman, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

    One way to increase control over what happens when one experiences incapacity is to write instructions in advance. Incapacity does not just happen to the elderly.
  • Farmers in Transition: Negotiation Strategies
    Tracy R. Hyer, Damona G. Doye and Ross O. Love, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

    A crisis such as losing all or part of the family farm is often so traumatic that it can be overwhelming, particularly if families are not taking positve steps to improve their individual situation.
  • How Growers Can Reduce Liability Risks
    Arizona Cooperative Extension Service, 1995
    There are basic business practices friut and vegtable producers can use to help reduce the liklihood of liability suits being filed.
  • Probate
    Marcia L. Tilley, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

    Probate is the process of settling an estate. It is designed to establish who is entitled to receive the decendent's property and the extent and nature of the ownership rights received by each individual.
  • Understanding Cooperative Principles and Practices
    David W. Park, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

    This fact sheet provides an overview of farmers' cooperatives through a discussion organized around a series of questions which highlight cooperative principles and practices.


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