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Supervision and Communication

  • Effective Employee Orientation
    Brian K. Linhardt, UC Cooperative Extension, Oroville, CA, Management Decisions Volume 7, Number 1, Winter-Spring 1998
    Every year, especially at harvest time, many agricultural managers face a sudden influx of employees. A well-planned employee orientation can do much to help make this transition as painless as possible and get new employees off on the right foot immediately.
  • Farm and Ranch Personnel Management
    James M. McGrann, Fred DeLano and Dean McCorkle
    Texas Agricultural Extension Service, December 1998

    People 'human capital' are an important resource in making a farm or ranch business more competitive in today’s business environment. With participatory management there are opportunities to realize the potential of human capital.
  • Lenders and Angry Customers
    Randy R. Weigel, University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service, July 2001
    Anger, hostility, and abusive behavior are becoming common day occurrences in today’s world. And lending institutions, which are so important to farmers’ and ranchers’ livelihoods, are increasingly. . .
  • Supervising Across Language Barriers
    Labor Management Decision Editors, Management Decisions Volume 2, Number 2, Summer 1992
    As the country's workforce changes, more and more supervisors are faced with the challenge of communicating with employees who do not speak English easily. That challenge can be frustrating, but it can be met effectively.


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