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Regulatory Environment

  • California Pesticides Saftey Regulations
    Steve Sutter, University of California, 1997

    This booklet reproduces "Subchapter 3 - Pesticide Worker Safety" regulations in final form. Sections that have been added (new) or revised are noted. Also included are selected definitions, and a directory of the State's County Ag Commissioners.
  • California Thoughens Child Labor Law
    Stephen R. Sutter and Howard R. Rosenberg, University of California, 1994

    Federal and state laws regulate the employment of minors. Last year the California legislature enacted the Omnibus Child Labor Reform Act (AB 1900), more closely aligning the state code with federal, effective January 1995.
  • Child Labor Laws For Agriculture
    Ray Massey, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension, 1990

    The child labor provisions mentioned in this NebGuide apply to the agricultural employment of all non-family minors, migrant as well as local resident children.
  • Employer-Employee Relations
    John D. Copeland, National Center for Agricultural Law, 1992

    A number of federal and state statutes protect employees' rights, along with common law tort doctrines which have evolved over the years.
  • Government Forms and Posters
    Agricultural Personnel Management Program, University of California

    Links to an introductory html page providing access to the pdf file that contains the named form or poster.

    Link to a site that provides links to updated govermental forms and information
  • Liability of Farm Employers
    Stephen F. Matthews and Timothy W. Triplett, University of Missouri-Columbia Extension, October 1993

    This publication provides a general discussion of the farm employer's exposure to liability and steps that could be taken to protect against such liability.
  • Looking Fresh at the ALRA
    Howard R. Rosenberg, University of California

    The California Agricultural Labor Relations Act is 22 years old this Fall, and it is drawing new looks.
  • Pesticides and the Law: A Guide to the Legal System
    Michael Olexa, Michael Thornburg, David A. Gunter,, Cooperative Extension Service Purdue University, January 1996

    Both the public and the press have increasingly focused on the negative impacts of agricultural, urban industrial, and residential chemicals.
  • “Safe-Harbor Procedures for Employers Who Receive a No-Match Letter” (This links to a non-library URL)
    Howard Rosenberg, University of California at Berkeley,  September 2007.
    Several bills that would affect the agricultural labor market and people within it have been introduced in Congress this year and are pending consideration. Meanwhile, a regulation published in the Federal Register on August 15, 2007, by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) branch of DHS has raised much concern, fear, and confusion in the agricultural community and in other industries with significant shares of unauthorized employees. ICE has presented the new rule as a guide to employers about their options in responding to receipt of either a "no-match" letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA) or a notice from DHS. . .

  • Seven Commonly Asked Questions About Employment and the ADA
    Timothy L. Jones, University of California, 1992

    Many employers have given serious thought to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and focused effort on it during the time between its enactment in 1990 and the effective dates of its employment provisions.
  • The New World of Workers Compensation
    Editors of this special report are Howard R. Rosenberg, Norman J. Hetland, and Betsey H. Tabraham, 1994

    Farm safety has commanded a lot of attention recently. Regulatory devices such as Senate Bill 198, industrial safety orders, and the new EPA worker protection standard, some major attention getters, are designed to help prevent occupational injuries and illnesses.
  • TIPP Preparation for California Ag Employers
    Stephen R. Sutter, University of California, 1998

    Stemming from the Governor's Farm Worker Services Coordinating Council is a labor law enforcement program called the "Targeted Industries Partnership Program" (TIPP).
  • Social Security Administration Tightens Grip on Bad Numbers
    Stephen R. Sutter, University of California, 1997

    Social Security Administration (SSA) is using its computer systems to find numbers on employer tax returns that either are invalid or are registered to individuals different from those named on the return.


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